Yayınlar - Deniz ve Su Bilimleri Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi (DENAM)


Bazı Yayınlar:

1. Modeling of wind climate, wave climate and current pattern in Samsun Bay coastal waters, 2018

2. Monitoring and modeling land-based marine pollution, 2018

3. The Need for the Integration of Land Use Planning and Water Quality Modeling in the Case of Fethiye Bay, 2017

4. Water Quality Modelling in Kas Bay, 2016

5. Modeling of sediment transport processes in Alara, Turkey, 2016

6. Coastal erosion problem, modelling and protection, 2015

7. Modelling of Dilution of Thermal Discharges in Enclosed Coastal Waters, 2013

8. A finite difference approach for extended mild slope equation, 2013

9. Modeling of Erosion at Goksu Coasts, 2013

10. HYDROTAM: 3D Model for Hydrodynamic andTransport Processes in Coastal Waters, 2012

11. HYDROTAM: A Coastal Engineering Model Based on Cloud Computing, 2011

12. Oil pollution modeling in iskenderun bay, 2011

13. Modelling of sediment transport of Akyaka Beach, 2011

14. Modelling of Marina Forced Flushing, 2010

15. Numerical Modelling of Oil Spill, 2010

16. Numerical Modeling of Extended Mild Slope Equation with Mac Cormack Method, 2009

17. Numerical Modeling of Extended Mild Slope Equation with Modified Mac Cormack Method, 2009

18. Wind Driven Currents and Pollution Distributions around Sea Outfall in Antalya Bay, 2009

19. Modelling of Oil Spill,2009

20. Mild Slope Equations in Wave Propagation Modelling

21. Numerical modeling of extended mild slope equation with finite volume method, 2008

22. 3D Modelling of Density Induced Coastal Currents, 2007

23. Longshore Sediment Transport Modelling: An Application to Ordu, 2007

24. A moving boundary wave run-up model, 2007

25. A composite finite element-finite difference model applied to turbulence modelling, 2007

26. Closure to predictions of missing wave data by recurrent neuronets by Can Elmar Balas, Levent Koc, and Lale Balas, 2006

27. 3-D numerical modelling of coastal currents and suspended sediment transport, 2006

28. Numerical modelling of coastal currents, 2006

29. 3-D numerical modelling of transport processes in Bay of Fethiye, Turkey, 2006

30. Numerical modelling of wave induced circulation, 2005

31. Three dimensional modelling of turbulence, 2005

32. Modelling of interaction between surface waves and mud layer, 2004

33. Risk assessment of revetments by Monte Carlo simulation, 2004

34. Simulation of water exchange in enclosed water bodies, 2003

35. A baroclinic three dimensional numerical model applied to coastal Lagoons, 2003

36. A Numerical Model of Wave Propagation on Mild Slopes, 2002

37. Applications of a numerical model to wave propagation on mild slopes, 2002

38. Risk assessment of some revetments in Southwest Wales, United Kingdom, 2002

39. Three-dimensional modelling of stratified coastal waters, 2002

40. Numerical modeling of refraction and diffraction, 2001

41. Simulation of pollutant transport in Marmaris Bay, 2001

42. Applications of a 3-D numerical model to circulation in coastal waters, 2001

43. Three dimensional numerical modelling of the Marmaris Bay, 2000

44. An implicit three-dimensional numerical model to simulate transport processes in coastal water bodies, 2000